Help Center

It might be that you reused a slidename, leaved a slide name blank, you left spaces, you used special characters. If you used special characters or left spaces, you can fixed this easily by clicking the remove slide. Otherwise, you would need to refresh the page.
The difference is that the save button saves the presentation to browser storage and the save as file downloads the file. Please note that the presentation name is required. You have to import the file when you open the masterslide again.
On export, we currently only have support for linear gradients. We are currently working on this fix.
If the image does not show up, it might be that you did not choose its orientation which are portrait and landscape. You can also adjust the width and height before you add them.
You go to import and insert the ams file and press on load selected file.

Getting Started

If you haven't signed up for Aswin please sign up. To get started, simply press on add slide. Then you will get a select template prompt. First, enter a slide name. The slide name should not contain spaces, special characters, and you should not reuse any slide names. If you bypass them and get problems, see the answer in the help center. Next, choose template. If you press on heading and paragraph you will get a heading and a paragraph. I think you got it how the templates work.After that, you can add the content. The heading, paragraph, and list is editable. All the elements in Aswin MasterSlide is editable except for lists. Now, you can add adiditional elements If you want to add more elements, press on the additional elements collapse and choose the elements you want. Finally, you can change the background. Done! You created a simple presentation using Aswin's MasterSlide. Be sure to provide feedback!


All the elements in Aswin's MasterSlide are draggable except for lists and tables. The table element is resizable in Aswin's MasterSlide.
We have a background color picker to change the slides background. You have to write the slide name in the top text box. We also give a option for gradients. We have 3 gradients which are : linear,radial, and conic. The linear gradient comes with 2 colors. The radial and conic gradients comes with 3 colors. The gradients come in this order : 1,2 or 1,2,3.
You wil have the option to add background music for the whole presentation. After you uploaded the music, you will get a short music preview. When you click the present button, the music will start playing. Please note that we do not loop audio yet.
Our transitions work differently. Our transitions actually affect the elment not the slide. When you press the transitions collapse, you will be given a list of transitions. Almost all of our transitions are useful.
You want more elements? Select the additional elements collapse. First enter the slide name and then choose the element. For tables, write the number of rows and columns. For images and videos, select the file. Choose its orientation. Adjust its width and height(optional). Select if you want a image or video.


When presenting, the content of the slides will show. If you had selected any transitions, the transitions will come up. In the bottom of the page, there will be a button called stop slideshow. That will stop the slideshow and then it will go to editing mode. Also in the bottom of the page, there will be navigation buttons. The text box says the slide name. When the slideshow is over, you will get a screen that says the slideshow is over. During that time, you need to to press the stop slideshow button. Below are some of the screenshots that go with presenting.

Adding Slides

When you click on add slides, you will get a modal that says select template. Below, I am going to tell you about each templates.

Heading and Paragraph

If you select the heading and paragraph template, you will get a slide that comes with a heading and also a paragraph.

Heading and List

If you select the heading and list template, you will get a slide that comes with a heading and also a list.

Heading and Image

If you select the heading and image template, you will get a prompt for the image. In that prompt, you have the select the image file. Also, you have to select whether it is portrait or landscape. Then you can adjust its width and height. When you are done press on continue to create the slideshow. In the slideshow, there will be your image along with a heading.

Heading and Video

If you select the heading and video template, you will get a prompt for the video. In the prompt, you have to select the video file. Then you have to select its orientation which means if it is portrait or landscape. Also we have given you a option to adjust its width and height which is optional. After you are finished with all these stuffs, press on continue. In the slideshow, there will be a heading and also the video you added.

Table and heading

If you select the table and heading template, you will get a prompt for the table. In the prompt, you have to write the number of rows and columns. Then you have to press continue. In the slideshow there will be a heading and also a table with your specified rows and columns. If the table is too big, you can resize the table.